Features and Benefits


 This UV detector uses splitting technology to continuously measures dual-wavelength UV absorbance simultaneously. High-precision lock-in amplifier circuit is used to achieve extremely low noise and good drift characteristics. Standard SMA905 fiber optic interface and for easy integration into users measurement systems. A variety of communication interfaces are available, including RS232/RS485/USB/CAN. The structure can be customized according to user needs. 


  • Multi wavelength selectable
  • No lamp warm-up time allowing lamp on-off function. Long life UVC LEDs are used as light source
  • Dual wavelength simultaneous detection
  • ccurate and reliable monitoring through self-test, self-calibration and fiber optics


  • Light source: Long life UVC LED

8000 hours warranty

  • Wavelength: 255/260/265/275/280/310/340nm

(Up to two wavelengths available)

  • Bandwidth: ≤10nm
  • Center wavelength accuracy:±3nm
  • Baseline Noise: ≤0.02mAU at 280 nm
  • Drift: ≤0.5mAU/h at 280 nmCommunication: RS232/RS485/USB/CAN…
  • SMA905 fiber optic interface

Operating Temperature

  • 4°C-40°C

Power requirement




Noise Test

Test the noise with DI Water @280nm

Result: 0.02mAu (P-P)


Flow Rate:      40ml/min

Mobile phase: DI water

Wavelength:   280nm