Key features and benefits:


AsyCoT Patent technology

Asynchronous compensation Technology with dual Motors,Enable Very low pulsation without pulse damper

Fast and precise gradients

  • The Unique Pump is the perfect choice for fast and precise gradients using LC,

Prep LC, GPC, ASE,Flash,FPLC systems,Hemoglobin Testing System etc. 


  • Provide continuous washing of the piston,without additional pump, gravity feed arrangement or manual flush. be used to improve seal life.


  • Wetted material: Peek, Sapphire, ruby, UHMWPE.
  • Dynamic mixer: Can be pause

The best solution for FPLC solvent delivery

  Up to 3 Pressure sensors

● System pressure sensor, Pre-Column sensor, post-column pressure sensor,integrated into the column valve to protect the column and media from over pressure. One pressure sensor measures the pressure before the column to protect the column hardware. Another sensor measures the pressure after the column and calculates the pressure difference over the packed media bed. If one of the pressures exceeds the preset limit,the run can be paused. Alternatively, the user can activate pressure flow regulated mode, which automatically decreases the flow rate when the pressure exceeds the preset limit. Pressure sensors are also connected to the system and sample pumps protect the connected columns and instrument hardware.

up to 3 airsensors

● Enable the safe exclusion of air from the system. Integrated air sensors are placed in the sample inlet valve and inlet valves A and B. When air is detected, the system is paused so that the air can be removed before further introduction into the flow path. During sample application, the air sensor detects when the sample has been completely injected so that the method can continue to the next step without air being introduced into the flow path or column.

up to 4 Solenoid valves

● Enable automatic change between different buffers and wash solutions. The outlet valve for automation fraction.

Dynamic mixer:

● 0.6ml,1.4ml,2ml,5ml,15ml Chamber,The mixer ensures homogeneous buffer composition during gradient runs. The mixer chamber size depends on the flow rate and buffers used, with a larger mixer volume required for higher flow rates or difficult-to-mix buffers. The mixer is also easily changed by snapping it in or out of the mixer holder.



Gradient linearity test:

  Detect the conductivity of buffer


  • Flow Rate:  40ml/min
  • Gradient:    0% to 45% 
  • Length:       600min